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  1. What is the maximum number of guests you can accommodate in Casa Perea?
    Our occupation permit allows us to have a maximum of 100 guests. We can provide tables , seating, and audio-visual equipment, if desired.
  2. I'm a prospective Bride/Groom/Client, How do I book a tour?
    Call/Email Us:  (505) 503-7636
  3. I'm a vendor hired for an upcoming event. How can I arrange a tour?
    Call/Email Us:  (505) 503-7636
  4. Do you provide catering?
    No, but we are happy to give you a list of our preferred caterers. Our kitchen is ample and well equipped.
  5. What are your weekday hours?
    Casa Perea and Pachamama are typically open 10am - 5pm Wednesday – Saturday.
  6. Can I have my event on a weekday?
    Yes! You are welcome to have your event on a weekday; however, we cannot guarantee total privacy as our office and the two rooms dedicated to our Pachamama Folk Art store will be open.
  7. Can I bring my own food?
    Only food provided and served by a licensed and insured caterer is permitted.  We would be happy to send you a list of our preferred resources.
  8. Is use of the kitchen included in my package?
    Yes. However, use of our kitchen for cooking is not permitted.  Only licensed and insured caterers may use our modern and ample kitchen for warming up their prepared food and as a staging area.
  9. Can we have a food truck as our caterer?
    Yes, you are allowed one food truck pending Casa Perea approval of vendor.
  10. Can I hold a date open?
    Yes! You can put down a non-refundable $100 to hold your date.  We will hold your chosen date for 7 days. If you decide to move forward with your event during or at the completion of those 7 days that $100 will count towards the total cost of your event. You may only hold a date once, and you may only have one hold per event.
  11. Can we extend our rental past 9:30pm?
    Unfortunately, no. We cannot make exceptions to this rule due to Village Ordinances, consideration for our neighbors, our staff’s schedules, and the cleaning crew’s time requirements.
  12. Can we Grill or BBQ outside?
    No. As we are a historic building, we cannot allow open flames of any sort on our property. Sadly, BBQ's and outside grills fall under that category.
We’re 30 minutes from Albuquerque Airport. Come on by!